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Babe to Teen
A Youth Column
By Beverly Rowe   Follow Us on FaceBook

2014 Past Columns

Columnist Wanted....
If interested email: requests@myshelf.com

  The is no pay however you will get professional credit for all work done. Your professional information will be posted on both the column and the Staff page.

We need a column every 2 to 3 months. Send column the month before it is posted (by 20th).

Columns can be:

  • Author Interviews
  • Recommended Reading
  • Current Releases
  • Current Children/Tweener/Teen book News
  • Authors or Subgenre Discussion

Please read before applying:

  1. Person must have proof of who he or she is (address, email, web site, etc.)
  2. Must be knowledgeable in grammar and punctuation
  3. Send a simple resume type email of qualifications w/sample writing or links to work online

Beverly Rowe

I currently live in Texas spending time with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
Reading books and writing is my passion.

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